We guarantee there’s plenty of baking going on here 

Kamps has around 70 Kamps Backstube bakehouses all over Germany. In 2016, two bakehouses (by the name of Kamps - THE GERMAN BÄCKEREI) opened in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi-Arabia. The Kamps bakehouse offers customers the opportunity to look over the baker’s shoulder while he bakes, fills and decorates the loaves and bakery products by hand with outstanding dedication to detail. See the freshness of our products and the baking skills that go into making them at our Kamps bakehouses!

Kamps Backstube

We focus our efforts on providing our customers with oven-fresh, hand-made loaves, bread rolls and pastries throughout the day.

The Kamps Backstube products are baked on the premises so that customers can buy them warm from the oven. They are special because of their unique quality, incomparable freshness and we only use high quality, fresh ingredients.

Our bakery products are available as delicious fresh sandwiches and snacks. We also sell fresh-made fruit and quark desserts, salads, various breakfast products and delicious soups. The Kamps Backstube product range is rounded off by speciality coffees and cold beverages. We regularly treat our customers to innovative product ideas and our comprehensive assortment of wares ensures that there’s something for everyone at Kamps. Naturally, all of our products are also available to go.

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