Successful history

If you take a look at our history, you’ll see that we've been operating a dynamic and innovative company since 1982. As a result, we are now Germany’s number one traditional bakery chain.

The first Kamps Bakery opened on Friedrichstrasse in Düsseldorf in 1982. Today, there are around 360 Kamps bakeries in Germany, all of which sell a range of traditionally made, fresh products. Additionally there are already more than 80 Kamps Backstube bakehouses, mostevenly distributed across Germany. The products in the Kamps Backstube are baked fresh on the premises in the ’glass bakery’. Two bakehouses (by the name of Kamps - THE GERMAN BÄCKEREI) opened 2016 in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi-Arabia. In 2017 the next international branches opened near  the dutch city of Roermond and in the two Saudi Arabian cities Dhahran and Jeddah. New stores will be coming soon. 

Over 98 percent of these bakeries are operated by franchise partners whose commitment and personal qualities are decisive factors of success. All of our outlets satisfy the strict German Franchise Association's certification criteria and we are currently one of Germany's five leading franchisors. The basis for our future growth is our employees’ courage, innovativeness and outstanding motivation. 

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Every day, our skilled bakers produce a wide variety of traditional bakery products at our traditional craft bakery. We are meticulous about the consistent use of the original the Kamps recipes. More importantly, though, our bakers have many years of experience in their trade. That’s why our bakery products are so good that you can actually taste the quality. We’ll continue to use these ’ingredients’ in future, in combination with our employee’s friendly service, to guarantee the Kamps brand’s success. 

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