Gerhard Heythausen (Head of Materials Management)

As a father, I know how important high quality and natural ingredients are for a healthy diet. That’s why I opted for Kamps.

Claudia van de Warreburg (Internal Sales Department)

We’re the hub of Kamps’ success. With up to 500 bakeries, it's a daily challenge, but with a good team that’s not a problem!

Frank Barten (Craftbakery)

The most important thing about cakes and pastries is that they taste good!

Sven Hennenmann (Energy Management)

The economical and sustainable use of energy is an exciting challenge and rewarding for all.

Helma Büchel (Purchasing Department)

I believe that quality counts. And I never compromise on quality.

Michael Koch (Store Construction)

No two projects are alike. That’s the kind of challenge I like!

Theo Kienast (Controlling)

Good statistics are like good bread: it's the content that counts!

Birgit Hochreiter (Location Management)

"There’s an art to finding the right location for us!"