Frequently asked questions

How many Kamps bakeries are there in Germany?

There are around 390 Kamps bakeries (in North Rhine-Westphalia and the surrounding regions) plus currently 70 Backstube outlets (throughout Germany) which are operated by our competent franchise partners. All bakeries stock fresh and delicious products, implement innovative special promotions and are close to our customers. The Kamps Bakery and Backstube product ranges extend from pastries and bread to freshly prepared snacks and speciality coffees.

What are the special features of the Kamps Backstube outlets?

The Kamps Backstube outlets are modern premium bakeries where consumers can actually experience the freshness of the products and the craftsmanship that goes into making them. They provide a genuine consumer experience, because the customers can watch the baker as he works. The entire range of bakery products, not just the breads, are baked fresh at the Backstube. In addition to traditional bakery products, customers enjoy a comprehensive assortment of bread-related hot and cold foods.

Which products do the Kamps Bakery and Backstube outlets sell?

They sell loaves, bread rolls, pretzels, pastries, cakes and snacks. We have something for everyone in our range. We also cater to different regional preferences, which means that our range of fresh bakery products varies from outlet to outlet, depending on the region where it is located. We try to offer consumers the products that they like best.
We also supplement our bakery product range with beverages, as well as speciality coffees and teas, at our outlets. The Kamps Backstube outlets offer a range of gastronomic delights, such as freshly made breakfasts, salads and daily changing soups.  

Why does the Kamps Bakery range differ?

We believe that to be a good baker, you have to know your customers’ preferences. That’s why the Kamps bakeries sell specific products that consumers particularly like in a certain region. Some of the products are available at all Kamps bakeries throughout Germany, however, because these are products all consumers enjoy.

Who runs the Kamps bakery near me?

Kamps is a franchise company. The Kamps bakeries and Backstube outlets are almost completly operated by trained franchise partners. Kamps provides all franchise partners with advice and support so that they can be successful at running their own businesses.

You can find further information about our concept and the subject of franchising in our ’Franchise’ section.

What kind of things do you look for in a potential Kamps franchise partner?

As a certified member of the German Franchise Association, we offer our partners a well thought-out and successful franchise concept. We support and advise our franchise partners as they embark upon a future as independent businessmen and women. You can read about the qualities that we look for in applicants and the requirements they should ideally meet on the ‘Our concepts’ page of our ‘Franchise’ section.

What ingredients does Kamps use to make its bakery products?

We are absolutely committed to delivering excellent quality, so we only use premium ingredients to make our traditional bakery products. Our quality philosophy also involves the meticulous selection of certified and regularly audited suppliers and outgoing goods inspections on all our bakery products. In the bakeries, our franchise partners ensure that all bakery products on their shelves satisfy their own high quality standards.

Where are the Kamps bakery products baked?

Kamps bakes fresh products on a daily basis for the regional bakeries at its commercial bakery in Schwalmtal. In addition to quality and freshness, we also ensure that the products reflect regional preferences. Loaves, bread rolls and bakery products are made by hand by skilled bakers according to traditional methods using the very best ingredients and sold fresh at the bakeries every day. Some of our products are made at the retail bakeries several times a day so that they can be placed on the shelves fresh from the oven.

Our Kamps Backstube bakehouses prepare their products from fresh dough pieces throughout the day and customers can watch the baker as he works.

What is special about Kamps and its Bakery and Backstube outlets?

Kamps stands for innovation, freshness and variety. That’s why we present our snack of the month, the Kamps innovation of the month and the special promotions at the bakeries every month in our ‘News and promotions’ section.

There are separate promotions and innovations at our Kamps Backstube outlets. You can find regular updates on these in the Kamps Backstube section. 

Where is the nearest Kamps Bakery or Backstube to me?

Have you just moved to a new city or are travelling and don’t want to do without our delicious Kamps products? Or are you simply interested to know which Kamps Bakery or Backstube will be open on Sundays so you can buy your bread rolls for breakfast there? We can help you to locate the Kamps bakeries (in North Rhine-Westphalia and the surrounding region) and the Backstube outlets (throughout Germany) with our Bakery and Backstube search function.