Kamps drives implementation of its Backstube concept

Bäckerei Lang takes over Kamps outlets in southern Germany – Bäckerei Nur Hier takes over Kamps outlets in Hamburg – Revitalisation of regional bakery tradition with the ’Stefansbäck’ and ’Nur Hier’ brands – Safeguarding of all regional jobs, optimum production capacity utilisation and realisation of further growth in one single step

Kamps GmbH (Kamps), a leading traditional bakery chain in Germany, is driving the implementation of its Backstube concept. It is doing this by concluding an asset deal which transfers the Kamps production facility in Freiberg am Neckar and around 130 outlets in southern Germany to Max Lang Bäckerei-Konditorei GmbH & Co. KG (Bäckerei Lang), Stuttgart, and the production facility in Hamburg-Lokstedt plus around 100 outlets in northern Germany to the recently established Nur Hier GmbH („Nur Hier“), Hamburg on 1 November.

In future, Kamps will only be operating Backstube outlets in southern and northern Germany. The Kamps Backstube outlets in southern and northern Germany and a total of 30 new outlets which will be gradually converted to the Kamps Backstube concept will remain with Kamps GmbH. This enables Kamps to achieve three key objectives - to safeguard all jobs in the regions, to optimise production capacity utilisation and to drive further growth.

For Kamps employees and customers this development means a return to local roots and the revitalisation of a traditional brand name. In the next six months, the outlets which have been taken over and are still operated by former Kamps franchise partners will be converted to the ‘Stefansbäck’ concept in northern Germany and the ‘Nur hier’ concept in southern Germany. By founding Nur Hier GmbH and re-introducing wood-fired oven baked products, the traditional Hamburg bakery from Allwörden hopes to revitalise a traditional brand. All Kamps employees in northern and southern Germany will be taken on by the new owners, so their jobs are safe.

100 new Backstube outlets are planned in the next five years
One of Kamps’ most important strategic objectives is to open more Backstube outlets. There are now 13 Kamps Backstube outlets in Germany and there are plans to increase this number of 100 over the next five years. “In the last few weeks, we have examined several options in detail – organic growth, divestments and/or acquisitions – and we are delighted to say that the deals with Bäckerei Lang and die Nur Hier GmbH are the optimum solution for all involved – employees, customers, franchise partners and lessors,” explained Jaap Schalken, Managing Director of Kamps GmbH, when it was announced that the deals had been closed.

“We believe that to be successful, you have to be focused. You have to concentrate on doing what you do best! The Lang and Nur bakeries are both recognised leading bakers in their regions and they are strong brands. Bread is an emotional product. Here at Kamps, we want to set new benchmarks in the market with our Backstube concept by combining a bakery and fast-food restaurant that offers customers a national, recognisable brand which stands for excellent and traditionally-made bakery products,” continued Schalken.

About Kamps

Kamps GmbH
Die Kamps GmbH is Germany’s largest traditional commercial bakery. The first Kamps Bakery opened on Friedrichsstrasse in Düsseldorf in 1982. Today, there are around 640 Kamps bakeries in Germany, all of which sell a range of traditionally made, fresh products. Over 90 percent of the bakeries are operated by franchise partners. Every day, around 500,000 customers purchase products at Kamps bakeries. In 2009, the company launched its Kamps Backstube concept at locations throughout Germany with high pedestrian frequencies. The Kamps Backstube is a modern, premium bakery that enables customers to experience the freshness of the products and the craftsmanship that goes into making them by watching the baker as he works.