Kamps launches a new regional strategy and a national focus on the Backstube concept

Nationwide expansion of the Kamps Backstube concept – Consolidation of traditional Bakery outlets in the core region of North Rhine-Westphalia – De Mäkelbörger takes over Kamps’ production facility and outlets in the Berlin region and drives growth – Extension of the traditional local brand, ‘Der Havelbäcker’ – All regional jobs are secure

Kamps GmbH (Kamps), a leading traditional bakery chain in Germany, has concluded its regional restructuring project by selling its production facility and many of its outlets in Berlin and the surrounding region to a full subsidiary of De Mäkelbörger Backwaren GmbH, a leading bakery outlet operator and supplier in Berlin and Brandenburg. In future, Kamps will be establishing a nationwide presence by consistently expanding its Backstube concept. It will also be exclusively operating Kamps Backstube outlets in the Berlin region. Parallel to this, the company will be returning to its regional roots as a local bakery chain by consistently developing the classic Bakery concept in the core region of North Rhine-Westphalia and adjacent areas.

On 1 June, Kamps concluded an asset deal involving the transfer its Kamps production facility in Berlin and around 85 outlets in Berlin and the surrounding area to pro-hav GmbH, a full subsidiary of De Mäkelbörger Backwaren GmbH. The four Kamps Backstube outlets in the Berlin region and a total of nine new outlets which will be converted to the Kamps Backstube concept will remain with Kamps GmbH. A further Backstube will also be opening at the Berlin Brandenburg airport by 2012 at the latest. This enables Kamps to achieve three key objectives – to safeguard all jobs in the Berlin region, to optimise production capacity utilisation and to drive further growth with the premium Backstube concept.

For employees and customers in the Berlin region, this means a return to local roots. The conversion of the 85 Kamps outlets in the Berlin region which have been sold, all of which are still operated by the same franchisees, to the ‘Der Havelbäcker’ brand will take place during 2011. The products for the new and existing 66 ’Der Havelbäcker’ outlets will be supplied with fresh products from the traditional commercial bakery in Berlin. This, plus the fact that all Kamps employees have been taken over by the De Mäkelbörger subsidiary, demonstrates Kamps’ and the traditional bakery’s commitment to the Berlin region and to safeguarding local jobs.

Expansion with 100 Backstube outlets throughout Germany over the next five years

One of Kamps’ key strategic objectives is to open more Backstube outlets. There are currently around 30 Kamps Backstube outlets in Germany and there are plans to increase this number to 100 in total over the next five years. “In the last few weeks, we have examined several options in detail – organic growth, divestments and/or acquisitions – and we are delighted to say that the sale of our production facility and outlets to the De Mäkelbörger Backwaren GmbH subsidiary is the optimum solution for all involved – employees, customers, franchise partners and lessors,” explained Jaap Schalken, Managing Director of Kamps GmbH, when it was announced that the deal had been closed.

Kamps will now be focusing on the classic Bakery concept in the core region of North Rhine-Westphalia and adjacent areas, and the outlets will still be supplied by the two commercial bakeries in Schwalmtal and Dortmund. In all other regions, Kamps will be exclusively implementing the Kamps Backstube concept in future and opening further Backstube outlets. A focus on new cities and highly frequented locations will strengthen Kamps future position as a national company. At the beginning of March 2011, the first Kamps Backstube opened in Munich. This was followed at the end of March by a Backstube outlet in Dresden and the Hannover outlet is due to open in autumn.

“We believe that to be successful, you have to be focused. You have to concentrate on doing what you do best! The De Mäkelbörger bakery is a well-known, leading regional baker with strong brands. Bread is an emotional product. Here at Kamps, we want to set new benchmarks in the market with our Backstube concept by combining a bakery and fast-food restaurant that offers customers a national, recognisable brand which stands for excellent and traditionally-made bakery products,” continued Schalken.