Michael Peters (Düsseldorf)

There’s always something new at Kamps: the new Backstube concept is brilliant – with the focus on freshness and quality.

Tatiana Klyays (Goch)

It’s great being part of a national brand’s successful system – it’s like being part of a big Kamps family.

Jürgen Leyendecker (Bonn)

I used to work in a completely different field. Over the last few years, I’ve proved that you can also be successful at Kamps as a ‘lateral entrant’.

Hicham Sabiri (multiple locations)

My team and I work every day with passion, to provide the best service in all my bakeries.

Adnan Cakan (Cologne)

Kamps is giving me the opportunity to expand and open further bakeries in Cologne.

Christina Nold (Düsseldorf)

I'm absolutely committed to being self employed and my brother supports me - we've built up a great little family business here.

Monika Heggen (Geilenkirchen)

Kamps provides first rate support which means I can focus on my team and my customers.

Terezija Ficko (Bonn)

What’s most important to me is that the work is interesting, varied and fun.

Mark Jordan (Dortmund)

I’ve been with Kamps for 13 years now and I’ve managed 5 different outlets – the bakery at Dortmund Central Station is the icing on the cake.