Application process

How is the application process working? 

Receive information on what we expect and what you may look forward to.

1. Analysis of the application documents

Please apply by completing the Kamps application sheet with attached copies of certificates.

2. Telephone screening

When your application documents have been assessed, we will contact you for a brief telephone screening interview.

3. First meeting: applicant interview and presentation of the Kamps franchise concept

We explain our successful franchise concept and our company philosophy to you at the first informal meeting. This meeting also provides an opportunity for you to ask us questions and for us to ask you questions.

4. 2-4 trial days

A 2-4 day trial (without remuneration) at one of our training bakeries gives you the chance to get to know Kamps and gain an idea of how we operate.

5. Second meeting with the Kamps Sales Manager

An interview with the responsible Sales Manager completes the application process.

6.Third meeting: presentation of a specific outlet

If the application procedure is successful, a specific outlet will be presented and offered to you, including all the key figures and detailed information.

7. Bank meetings

Then you will have to arrange the following with your bank: if you opt for the soft franchising concept, you will have to provide security (bank guarantee or pledged savings account) and if you opt for the investment franchising concept, you will have to arrange for a loan to finance your investment.