There’s no time to lie around!

It doesn’t get any fresher than this: our rolls never spend more than two hours waiting for you to enjoy them. And are ready to become sandwiches when you want.

We always raise the important issues first.

Like taste. And that’s why our patiently and freshly raised homemade sourdough is so delicious. Follwing our Kamps-own recipe for over 30 years.
Simply delicious...

Full of wonderful things.

The filling in our apple turnovers is simply delicious, with succulent chunks of apple and pure apple puree.

What’s in it for you? Nothing!

Our bread and rolls as well as our lye rolls are made without using any additives at all.

It’s all good without the iodine.

Kamps bread and rolls are made without iodized salt – for your wellbeing and comfort.

Sometimes rejection is the best recipe.

Instead of using pre-mixed dough, we make our own. It just tastes better!

We don’t mind if you call us fussy.

The biggest pleasure comes from the little things. Like seeds, for example. That’s why we only use seeds with the highest levels of purity.

Just say no!

We’re against genetically modified additives and they have no place in our baked goods.