You can depend on us

Our commercial bakeries in Germany bake fresh products for the bakeries in the surrounding region every day. We are meticulous throughout the entire traditional process of baking our products so that they will meet our own exacting quality standards and, in this process, we know that we can depend on our bakers’ know-how and experience.

Loaves, bread rolls and bakery products are produced by hand according to traditional methods using the very best ingredients and sold fresh at the bakeries every day. Some of our products are made at the retail bakeries several times a day so that they can be put on the shelves fresh from the oven. An outgoing goods inspection before the products are dispatched to the bakeries is another important aspect of our quality philosophy.
Our Kamps Backstube bakers prepare and cook their products from fresh dough pieces throughout the day and customers can watch them as they work.

In 2010 we received the bronze ‘best in industry’ award from the DLG (German Agricultural Society). This quality certificate is only presented to enterprises which have demonstrated outstanding quality in their production operations over a period of many years.